Saturday, January 29, 2011

fuzzy on purpose

I have this tiger tail I created for a little yarn-bombing Fab Fibers is doing in Feb.

It was okay, but, definitely not adorable.

One of my fav designers has been known to brush her creations with one of those barbed dog brushes (the kind designed to remove all that hair Fido would otherwise shed randomly through the house) to make them fluffy and more realistic, so I had in mind to try it out on the tiger tail.

I borrowed a brush (not being a pet person, and also not sure how often I would use such a brush creatively) and my friend graciously knitted up a swatch* for testing the technique on the Red Heart we were using for this installation. The results were satisfactory, so I took the brush and the tail home and set to work.

I think this is much better,
and actually adorable.

*you can see the swatch in question, in person, at the Woodbury Museum, along with other creations by my fiber group, until Mar 5

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