Friday, January 28, 2011

All My Chickens

I love chickens. I can't explain it, I don't think I even know when the obsession began, or why it persists. I just love chickens. And roosters. And eggs. (Wait, is there a song in that?) And just about anything to do with chickens, including eating them. It may have a little something to do with an old movie (and book*) by the name of The Egg and I (true story, sweet movie, good read, you need to check it out). I'm pretty sure Claudette Colbert had something to do with my love of chickens, in any case.

However it all came about, the upshot of the whole thing is, when I discovered I'd only ever made a very few chickens, my most recent being the Cluck Clutch, and the others, these tiny chickens I crafted, inexpertly, in my early college years.

I thought it was high time I remedied the situation.

Because, for a lover of all things chicken, this is a pretty pathetic collection:
that's the new theme!

All chickens, all the time, various techniques/mediums. Mostly not edible, but possibly some of that variety.

52 Chickens.

A whole year of them, one each week.

Lots of them freebies from the web, though at this point, I can't promise they'll all be freebies - I've only found about half that many so far, mostly of the yarn variety. There are sewn fabric chicken patterns out there for free, too. And quilted, appliqued, embroidered, cross-stitched...basically, any way you can craft, there's a free chicken-related pattern available to you. (That said, I also have a fair few non-free patterns I've collected over the years, and some needlework kits, and I'd like to create/finish/show off some of these as I go along, so I can't promise freebies for everything, okay?)

I reserve the right, as before, to loosely interpret the theme; meaning, we may end up making some kind of egg-related crafts, or roosters (definitely roosters!), or anything with "chick" in the name. As long as it relates, it's fair game. I will, however, strive to be timely with my chicken crafting choices, relating the overall feel of said chicken to the current season, holiday, or event, whenever possible.

I'm so excited!

I'll be back at the beginning of the week to announce our first chicken-related crafting experience.

(Hint: Chinese New Year next week!)

*I just noticed Betty MacDonald wrote Mrs Piggle-Wiggle! Somehow, I never made that connection.

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reve-77 said...

Roosters! I vote roosters for everything!

I got to your site through your octopus pattern from Crochet Pattern Central, and I can't pass a year of chickens by without comment. I have the desire to design a rooster needlepoint to recover a telephone chair seat, although I would have to learn needlepoint to make it. Perhaps I will start with a crochet chicken.