Monday, January 24, 2011

Zombie Girl

 Isn't she adorable?

When it came to finishing off the head, I just started up on the body from there. (Just make sure you stuff as you go - the pattern doesn't remind you when to stuff.) Didn't want to sew them together later. Possibly I should have counted the last round of the head as the first round of the body, but I didn't, so she has a skinny wobbly neck.

Though...maybe that's a little more...Zombie?

I decided to use my odd 9mm safety eye here, since I had one going spare anyway. If you use one, insert it before the working the last round of the head, so you can get your fingers in there.
Then I stitched the rest of the facial features with black yarn after the whole thing was done.

I made her arms jointed, instead of sewing them on sticking straight out. All you do is stitch the top shut (um, I didn't even stuff these - they were so tiny), and stitch onto the body. I usually sew a short stitch across the top of the arm, through the other side of the body (to the point where the arm goes) and back through the arm. Then do the same with the other arm.
I sewed the legs on as directed. (I can follow directions!)

I made the dress pretty much as directed, but as I had jointed arms, I felt the straps should cross in the back to be sure they didn't slip off or put a strain on the arm joints. So, instead of working them from both front and back and joining together, I worked i-cord for each, starting from the front area.
To do it like I did, BO 6 stitches, work i-cord for 8-10 rows over next two stitches (slip the other stitches onto another needle while you work the i-cord), finish off, cut yarn, and return to dress top. BO 5, work i-cord over next 2 (slipping other stitches to separate needle while you work the i-cord) for the same number of rows as the first strap. Finish off, cut yarn, and start again back at the dress top. BO remaining 6 stitches. Put the dress on the Zombie, sew up the back, and then position the straps, crossed in the back, and use the tail on each i-cord to attach to back of dress.

Finally, I made the pants in the round, instead of flat. I was going to follow the directions, but in the end, I just couldn't make myself go to the extra work of sewing up after, when it's so simple to work in the round. I worked one pant leg (CO 12 stitches (as this is both front and back of leg), work 6 rounds) and put that on a holder. Work second pant leg, and stop one stitch short on last round. Return stitches from first leg to needles, knit together last stitch of second leg with first stitch of first leg, and continue around, doing the same when you come to the opposite side of the pants to form the crotch. Then knit 5 more rounds and bind off. You will have a small hole to sew up where the legs meet. Weave in ends, and put them on your Zombie.


I hope you enjoyed making your Zombie, and all the other fun toys and creations over the last year. I'm still working on my Kitschmas Tree (I need to stuff it, and make a base), but when that's done, I'll post a pic of the whole second run through the alphabet. It's quite the collection!

Yarns: Cotton-Ease in Stone, Sugar N Cream in Country Mauve & Sunshine, Vanna in Black

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