Tuesday, January 25, 2011

something new (and mostly blue)

 Over the weekend, I felt the need to start a pair of baby boy socks, using my leftovers from Weekend Blues. (I'm not entirely certain why I feel the need to make baby boy socks, I just do, so I'm trying to follow the prompting, the intuition, just in case. Because otherwise I'll be kicking myself later. You know how it is.)
All my sock-sized circulars were already busy, except size 0, which I didn't want to use for these, since I live in fear of making baby stuff too small as it is. I had the double points, but, you know me, I'm addicted to making socks (or gloves, or mittens, or anything else that comes in pairs) two at a time - I can't make myself go back to making them one at a time. (I tried, but it just ends in tears.)

What to do?

Then, it came to me, breaking upon my consciousness gradually, as I sat there, mourning the over-zealous sock-making that had caused the multiple uses of all my size 1 circs. (Yes, I have more than one set - doesn't everyone?)
I could DOUBLE KNIT the socks.

Oh, yes, you read that right - double knit.

I've been meaning to try it for a while, but hadn't gotten myself worked up to it yet. I'm sure it's easy once you get the hang of it, but the learning curve has to be allowed for on a first project, and for that, you've got to have some quiet time, by yourself. And maybe some chocolate. So I've let that sit for a while. Kind of a long while.
Don't get me wrong, I want to know how, I really do. In fact, I first became obsessed with finding a how-to for knitting one sock inside the other after reading something in an old English novel, but when I searched online, the only stuff that came up related to using circulars, which led me to magic looping, and using two circulars to produce both socks at once. (I like both methods, but may be leaning towards two circs as my go-to for now.)

Until one day, I stumbled upon this article in Knitty, which I printed out on the spot. In color.

Of course, she suggests you do a practice pair, using heavier yarn than usual, in two different colors, so you'll easily see your mistakes, should you make any. The magic loop method suggests the same. (I did that practice pair, and then was compelled to make another, veiling them as "practice" while knowing in my heart of hearts that I did it so I'd have two matched pairs. It's just the way I am.) I meant to do this, because I know, while learning something new, any little trick to make it easier is well worth the effort, even if it seems silly at the time. I just hadn't gotten to it yet. (Doh! I just realized, I could have made this practice pair with the same needle size and yarns I used for my magic loop practice, and then I would have had two pairs and learned both techniques. Bummer.)

But here was this little bit of yarn, just asking to be made into baby boy socks, and me without my circs.

So I just plunged in. With both feet. (ha!)

And here you have it, as it is, so far.
In the interest of full disclosure, I worked the toes separately, as you might for any sock, switching back and forth on them so I worked them at the same time (such as it is) and then, after all the increases were done and I was ready to knit straight up for a bit, I loaded them on for double knitting.

I've worked a whole 3 rounds since then.

I am loving it.

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