Monday, February 7, 2011

All My Chickens, Week 2, Chicken Scratch Heart

In preparation for Valentines Day next Monday, I figured this was a good time to touch on this related-in-name-only craft.

Chicken Scratch is sort of like cross-stitch, but you stitch on gingham, not Aida cloth, using a few basic stitches.
Our chosen pattern, buried at the tail-end of a general how-to from About(dot)com, happens to be a heart, hence the Valentine-theme connection. (You'll want the how-to as well, though, unless you're already conversant with chicken-scratch.)

Do with it what you will - frame it, make a pillow, or stitch in the corner of an apron. Just make sure you've accurately counted your squares and given yourself enough room to stitch before cutting into anything.

*pic of my own creation added after-the-fact*

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