Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's your Faith in God

On Saturday morning, I attended my eldest nephew's baptism. As luck would have it, he was the only kid in his ward getting baptized that morning, so we had the whole event to ourselves as a family.
His mom's sister played the piano, my mom led the music.
My dad gave a talk. A rather intellectual talk, possibly beyond an 8-yr-old boys' understanding. A talk about water, and fonts, and living water. We love dad.
My nephew was baptized in the usual (LDS) manner.
We filed down the hall to another room so another group could use the room with the font.
After a few minutes, my nephew and my brother came in, freshly dressed in white shirts and ties, and slightly damp behind the ears.
His grandma shared some thoughts about the Holy Ghost, and talked about why we follow promptings.
My brother, along with other Priesthood holders, confirmed my nephew as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
And then, a member of his Primary Presidency presented him with a sort of book, which he could use to write his feelings about that day. There were places for pictures, too. She talked about how things will be different in Primary for him now that he's been baptized. She brought out a little booklet called Faith in God, which the kids his age use to track their progress toward an award of the same name. It's a nice little booklet, with lots of ideas and challenges to help a child of 8 or so build their testimony.
Then, she said something that sort of stuck in my head. Almost struck me as funny, though I was able to refrain from laughing at the time.
As she handed him that little booklet, she said "Here's your Faith in God".
And I thought, oh, how easy!
Except, it isn't.
Because you have to find that yourself. Over and over again, though it gets easier the more you do it.
But, no matter how hard you try, you can't give that gift to another person.
Everyone has to find their own faith, work at their own testimony, from within.
Because, if someone else just handed that to you, I don't think it would stay for very long, or get deep enough into your heart.

My nephew has a good heart. And he's a deep thinker, too. He has the support and love of two terrific parents. I'm pretty sure he'll find his own faith and testimony without too much trouble.

And how many 8-yr-old boys can you say that about?

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