Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday?

I sincerely wish this picture WAS a flashback.

Alas, I finished sewing this jumper last night.*

The pattern (M8966) is from '97, as is the fabric. I believe I was copying something I'd seen in a store, and I remember being so excited that I found this wide-wale corduroy in such a great color. I just got stuck somewhere along the way, and only pulled it out a few weeks ago to sew it up. (It is not quite this orange in person - more of a harvest gold, I promise.)
When I finished dressing this morning, I looked in the mirror, and fled to the closet for something else to wear. But then, I figured this should get it's day in the sun before being consigned to the rag-bag. (You should have seen it with the first pair of shoes I tried - dark brown pointy-toed heels - I looked like a pumpkin on stilts.)

I'm going to be giggling at myself all day over this.

Is there any help for this outfit? Would a belt do the trick? Maybe one set higher, just under the bust? I could add some wide belt loops. Or, if I can't locate the scraps (it's been 14 years, after all) I might be able to do large buttonholes to thread a belt through.

I know I was about 15 lbs heavier back then, so I'm sure this is a size too big as well as being out-of-date, but I'm not sure taking it down a size (oy, the work!) would make it better.

Help? Please?


*wardrobe item the 2nd of 2011! though I'm not sure it should count if I abandon it.

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Marcy said...

You crack me up! I love your commentary on your projects. You inspire me to try new handiwork. Someday I might be able to finish ONE article of clothing!