Saturday, March 19, 2011

MMM Week 3

Sunday, Mar 13, wearing my cocktail dress. I really like the way this turned out, and it's super-comfy, since it's knit, but, even though I raised the neckline 2", it does dip a little low (not as seen here - I must have squared my shoulders again just before he took the picture), so it's maybe not quite appropriate for church, though I wear it anyway. I seriously thought that I'd be able to wear the top with jeans, but it's just too fancy. The pattern, New Look 6471, (oop) didn't really get as much attention as I think it deserved. The pattern cover doesn't give you any idea that it might look good as a dressed up set, but I think it looks nice, and the fit is fabulous. When I'm not trying to stand like a soldier, that rose at the bottom of the top lines up with the one just below it on the skirt. Didn't plan that, except that I was careful not to put a rose directly on the bust, which is how it ended up lining up right, I think.

Monday, Mar 14, feeling kind of drab in my brown twill skirt (though it is still a favorite) and a me-made necklace & pin. I made the pin from the scraps of this skirt, but it's much darker - the skirt must be fading more than I think. Great skirt pattern, though. (S5914) If you don't already have it, I highly recommend picking it up.

Tuesday, Mar 15, partial repeat. I wanted to try this top with this skirt ever since I made it, but hadn't gotten to it yet. The background on the top is the same color as the skirt. I clearly need to adjust the waist on the skirt to fit my curves better - that line is not attractive. I must have more waist definition than the average. Skirt is Vogue 1038, top is S4878, shoes from Naturalizer. (I really want to make the blouse on that Vogue pattern, too. I just can't figure out what fabric to use.)

Wednesday, Mar 16. I love this top! (M2961) I had to hand-sew the fringe onto the hems, but it's totally worth it. Paired it with my favorite black trousers, S8682 also seen on the 4th (and at least weekly IRL).
Bonus: when Twin1 came out to take the pic, he says, " I like your hair today"!

Thursday, Mar 17, wearing my best bright green for St Pats. Jumpsuit and jacket made from M8547, inspired by an evening ensemble seen at Sears. I've cut out the jumpsuit again, in a lovely faded-denim-colored silky fabric, but haven't got 'round to sewing it up yet. I think I'll pair that one with a white jacket.

Had to change clothes for the evening. Back into my maxi-skirt, this time with some me-made socks. Sweater: Dress Barn, shoes: DI, cami: Shade. (I went without a slip this time, and found that the low waist sat better when it didn't have something slippery to ride up on. I think maybe I'll line the skirt instead - sort of a sewn-in slip - which might make enough difference that I won't have to mess with the yoke.)

Friday, Mar 18, giving this jumper it's first (and last?) outing. Finished sewing it up Thursday night, after my meeting. But you know all about it already. Necklace: H&M, Blouse & Shoes: Target.

Saturday, Mar 19, wearing an old stand-by - my charcoal grey knit top, which I've had for over 15 years. I don't consider it work-worthy, so it only gets out on the weekends. Also sporting my chicken safety-pin pin, and my 2nd or 3rd ever pair of knit socks. These ones are lacy, and knit in a sport-weight yarn that feels all soft and smooshy. (top is B5553, long time oop)

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