Friday, March 4, 2011

Fluffy Hen

It's a little over-fluffy. Someone actually told me it reminded them of Cousin It. I guess I see the resemblance.

The pattern:
no mistakes, and it's pretty clear, too.
Me being who I am, and despising seaming so much, I started with a figure eight cast-on. When it was time to bind off for the back (just before you go on for the head) I found my halfway point, and bound off both sides together, like you'd do for a shoulder. You can't see it through the fluff anyway. I had a smallish hole to close up at the base of the neck later, but that's still a lot less than sewing up the whole back.
The beak is sort of interpretive, but it works. I loved that you hook directly into the head to make the comb. I started too far forward and had to start over, but I got it the second time.

Yarns: Cotton-Ease in Stone, Provo Craft Nifty Knitter Fashion 11 in Browns (disc.) with a little dash of Vanna in Red and a scrap of something yellow-gold.

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