Saturday, March 5, 2011

MMM Week 1

(I know you've all been waiting for this...)

Tuesday, Mar 1, wearing a skirt I originally made for a Halloween costume.
I was a bobby-soxer: green cardi with lots of beads & sequins, and some clunky loafers with white bobby socks.
Not everyone got that it was a costume. It was years before I allowed myself to wear the skirt in real life, but I liked it all along. And I only wear sensible pumps with it now. Made from who-knows-which simple straight (pegged?) skirt pattern, and lengthened to make it more "50's". The fabric is a stretch-woven, and I seriously wish I had more.
Wednesday, Mar 2, wearing my first wardrobe addition of 2011, my new favorite top, also seen here. Pants from Dress Barn.
Thursday, Mar 3, looking "fluffy & fuzzy" according to one of the partners at my office. I love this little "ponchini", which I crocheted back in '05. The booklet, Sassy Crochet, is discontinued, and I can't find anything similar. JoAnn had it created for their Sensations Yarns, and Leisure Arts doesn't list it anymore. It's a simple pattern, though. I made a bunch in different yarns, and kept just this one and the dark green I wore back in September on Fri, 24th.
My Rich Brown Pants were made from, I think, New Look 6471. They have a nice texture, sort of like wool crepe, except they're washable. (Top is from Shade.)

Friday, Mar 4, wearing my often-worn pair of wide-legged black trousers. (S8682, 90's) These zip up the center back, invisible zipper, and have a high waist. I love these and wear them constantly. The fabric has a little vertical stretch, so they're always comfy.
Grey Cardigan is made from an eyelet knit fabric, Butterick 6470 (oop) and fastened with a pewter pin. I kept meaning to put a button or something on this, but I like the pin. (Top from Shade, again.)

Saturday Mar 5, in my comfy blue plaid knit top. Made this one back in '92 or so, from M6228. Also seen during SSS. Jeans: Michael Kors. Shoes: City Sneaks.

Not doing so very hot this round. Most days I've only managed one me-made item, and I really should be able to dress top-to-toe in me-mades. I'm going to have to get busy with my sewing, maybe even my knitting, and get some of those UFO's finished off, and soon, or we're all going to get tired of the same-old same-old.

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