Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mermaid Welig gloves, finished

I was really close to finishing these gloves Friday evening, so I took them to the movie, Mr Lucky, with me. It was totally appropriate, to be knitting at this movie, because Cary Grant (and his side-kick) learn to knit, and then are attempting to knit, in more than one scene. So it was a sort of solidarity move, really, not just a sneaky way to multi-task.

See, Joe Bascopolis (Grant) is a gambler and a draft-dodger, intent on doing what he wants to do, which is not remotely related to enlisting in any branch of the armed forces. His name isn't even Bascopolis - that's the name of a recently-deceased sailor on his boat, who also happens to be 4F. So this guy, he's not the usual Cary Grant character. Anyway, in an effort to both raise funds to get his floating casino to another location, and stay out of the army, he joins a War Relief group, thinking to steal their profits from a fund-raising event. The lady in question (there's always a lady) is suspicious, so to get him out of the way, she tells him he must learn to knit, like the other recruits. Which he does. He's not very good at it. But his side-kick, whom he cons into sitting down with the knitting instructor, does pick it up, and is seen showing other men, in various places, how it's done. Seems he can't get enough of it.

So, knitting while watching this movie seemed more-than-appropriate.

(In case you're wondering, knitting in the dark is done more by feel than by sight. Which isn't as hard as it sounds, truly. Blind people knit, you know.)

I was not quite finished when the movie ended, nor was Daz quite done with the bind-off of her cuff, so we spent a few minutes sitting in comfy chairs in the HBL Library to finish up before going to get a bite to eat.

(We ate at Pizza Pie Cafe, which is fabulous. Just ask Bat Boy - the mysterious lone occupant of the booth at the end - who was seen, wearing a black T with the Batman symbol on the front, going back to the buffet no less than 6 times. He was really into that pizza.)


Amanda Tarrant said...

Hi - I wonder if you can help me? I have knitted these beautiful gloves (my first attempt at knitting in the round)but the very last part of the pattern - showing how to make the left thumb has been defaced and I can't finish it (the last tim I leave my knitting in the playroom!) could you possibly tell me the instructions for the left thumb as I am not experienced enough to reverse it from the right that I have already knitted!
Many Thanks

bookette said...

Amanda - so sorry for the delay! I had to find the book and see how this went. sadly, the instruction says 'complete as for right glove'. good news is, it's not like there's really a 'right' or 'left' for a thumb, once it's in the right place.
you should have 7 stitches along the bottom, and 8 on the top - put these on two needles, and, starting at the bottom edge, pick up and knit 2 stitches at the side, then k7, pick up 2 more, k8 along the top edge (working in the round, of course) for 19 sts total. distribute to three needles, place marker to show beg of rnd. k1, k2tog, k5, ssk, k2tog, k6,ssk (last st of rnd tog w/first st of next rnd) 15 sts.
work even until desired length (abt 20 rnds) and then k2tog around until 8 sts remain. cut yarn, leaving a 6" tail, and thread this thru remaing stitches. pull tight and fasten off.

tip: if you leave a longish tail to begin the thumb, you should have plenty to sew up the inevitable holes that remain at the base.

good luck!