Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Serious Trouble

As regards MeMadeMarch'11, I am in serious trouble. I finally got through all my laundry, in hopes that I would come up with a few more things to wear. And I did, but, not as many as I'd hoped. I'm not entirely sure what, in particular, I thought I'd find. I knew my black jumpsuit was in there, along with the bright green jacket that goes with it. Also my wide-legged black pants. (all seen here) I had forgotten about my black fake-suede skirt, so that was a nice surprise. But then, there wasn't anything else. Nada.

I know what you're thinking. You're clicking back to the line-up for SelfStitchedSeptember, and you're looking at how many clothes I had for that, and wondering just how many pieces I think I need for just one month. Cuz, you know, not all of those got worn, and I didn't have to repeat many pieces, either.*

And that's true.

However, September was warm, and March is not, and, while I have many pieces that work in either, I also have a fair collection of pieces that I consider warm-weather only, and another set that is for cold weather only. As it happens, there are more me-made items in the warm category than in the cold, so, my collection for March is rather anemic, by comparison.

There are four skirts, one pair of pants, one dress, one jacket, and two cardigans here that are from my cold-weather-only me-made collection. And I've made/finished 2 new tops since then, one of which does have longish sleeves and a funnel neck, and might look like too much for warm weather, though the knit isn't any heavier than my yellow top from September.

In total, I have 29 pieces of clothing here. If memory serves, there are 31 days in March. Not to mention, two of those pieces are really a two-piece dress, and look best together. I didn't want to repeat anything, but I don't know how else I'll get through the whole month.

I've got more than enough scarves and such, if it comes to that. But I'd feel kinda lame walking out the door in March with only a me-made scarf to represent my talents.
Ah, well, at least I can bundle up and sleep warm - I've got plenty of me-made flannel pj pants and hand-knit socks. I've even got a pea-green flannel union suit (minus the trap-door).

(Still gathering my info on patterns used, for some of these pieces. I hope to have all of them documented sufficiently when I post each week, even if the patterns are out-of-print.)

*plus, you'll be pleased to know, some of those not-favorite pieces? they've been passed on to charity!

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