Thursday, March 10, 2011

What we do says a lot about us

It's funny the reactions we get when we talk about what we do. When someone we don't know is trying to make conversation, and asks the inevitable.

Currently, I work full-time for an accounting firm. If this is all I offer, the next question is either "oh, are you a CPA?" or "'re...admin staff?" Fortunately for the general population, the second option isn't the one I hear the most. I'm a tad defensive about that, and can sometimes over-react. (I went to school for this, bub, and I am not brainless. In fact, I'd bet you anything you can't reconcile your own bank account, so back off.) The answer I give when I'm calm is something to the effect of ,"I'm not a CPA, I'm a bookkeeper. I have about 50 clients that I handle the accounting for, at various levels. I do what I do, so that they can do what they do, and I'm good at it."
This usually comes off pretty well, and earns me a little respect. I'm a single mom, living in Utah, so the whole "working" thing is unusual from the start. The fact that it's something non-mom, non-craft-related, adds some extra oomph, which I like.


I also wish I didn't have to work. At least not full-time. So, lately, I've been thinking a lot about doing something else. Something more in line with things I enjoy doing in my spare time.
It might be nice to do something that would actually fuel my creativity as opposed to merely allowing me to afford my hobbies.
I've been daydreaming about this quite a bit lately, indulging the notion of not being at a desk 8+ hours a day.

And then, I remembered: I like telling people what I do. I like the look of respect I get when people realize I have an actual brain in my head. And it sort of stopped me short.

Will I get anywhere near that much respect if/when I tell people I run a little shop?

Never mind the practical questions like: Can I afford to quit my job? What will I do if I don't make enough to cover overhead? The real question is: Can my ego take the hit?

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Veronica said...

Oh! and I know how much work ONE client can give you! How you do it all just means you're amazing!