Friday, March 11, 2011

Beading the chicken

Did I say something about this being an easy one? How you wouldn't need anything special, just the beads and safety-pins, so anyone could do it?


First, have you ever tried to find tan/beige seed beads? Good luck with that. Pony beads, maybe, but the itty-bitty seed beads? I'm sure I could order some, but I was thinking I'd just walk into my local craft store and pick some up. Not so much. So I had to change the colors.

Then, after carefully checking to be sure I had the right length of safety pin, I start putting the beads on. Know what? If you're not careful, and the beads are maybe a little fatter? You can't put 10 of them on the pin. Really. I had to keep swapping out fat beads for skinny ones just to get them all to fit. Which also elongates the image, so it's not so much a fat chicken as a skinny bird.

Just so you know, when you go to scoot them around to the other side of the big pin, after you've loaded them all on to the pinning side, you don't need to change the order. They'll end up in the right place all on their own. (Did the instructions tell us that? Cuz if they did, I missed it.)

Also, it would have been nice if the instructions/tips had said something about starting with the pin on the far right, so you could load them onto the bigger pin as you go. I think doing it that way makes it easier to keep track.

My main color isn't exactly all the same color on my chicken. But that's okay. Because I said so.

Maybe it would have been better with a white chicken, blue background? I don't know. Not so sure I want another one, either, so I don't think I'll find out anytime soon. Let me know if you try it, though. I'd like to see how that looks.

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