Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chic Chicks Read

It took me all week to remember to print. Then, I couldn't find any of my numerous Xacto blades. Not even one. Finally, I had to make do with a larger one that we generally use for DIY stuff. But hey, if the blade is sharp, one razor blade is the same as another, right?

A little tip on printing if you're doing the single color options: download the colors you want, save-as to somewhere you'll remember, then select "combine" on one of them, and add the other files. This will enable you to print two or more to a page, selecting "multiple pages per sheet" and either 2 or 4 (6 is pretty small, but if you like it, go for it). Printing 2 to a page results in a bookmark slightly larger than those on the all-colors page, 4 to a page comes out about 3/4 the size of the all-color page.
You only get Black in the singles, so if you want that, but don't want to waste the rest of the page, combining the files is a great option.
Printing out the "single" colors also gives you the option to present a fellow crafter with a little DIY gift:
Trim down the single, slip it into a card or whatever, and the recipient gets the bookmark, plus all the info on how to cut it out, and where to get more.

What a nifty little Happy Easter present!

*all-colors page=2 1/2" tall, 2 to a page=2 5/8", 4 to a page=1 7/8"

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