Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fruit Salad

As part of the weekly challenge over at Sew Weekly (premise=sew a garment every week - seriously!) I took the time to finally finish up yet another UFO - my Fruit Salad Apron, made from S3752. (Colors are much brighter in person - it was extra sunny.)
This is by no means my first apron, but it is one of the very few aprons I've made that I've actually kept for myself. I think aprons make great gifts, so there are a fair few adorable aprons I've made in months and years past that have gone immediately into a gift bag, never to be seen by my eyes again.
Keeping one for myself is a rarity.
From the start, this apron was meant for me, and I chose the fruity prints carefully.
In fact, there are some extra pieces cut for this, because I changed my mind on one of them after finding the pretty lemon print. So I guess that means I'll have to make up another, at some point, using the apple print which is already cut into ruffle and sash pieces.
Speaking of the sash, I finished it differently than shown on the pattern. I knew I wanted something more like a pretty sash, and this has you finish it with plain ties. Having owned and used vintage aprons sporting this more feminine bow option, I knew I could make this look, using the same pieces provided. Instead of sewing the pieces as directed (folded in half, sewn together, for double-thickness flat tie), hem one long edge with a narrow hem (similar to the narrow hems used on the ruffles), fold over one short end, on the diagonal, and stitch to make a point, trim corner and turn right-sides out, then hem the other long edge. Pleat the ends that go into the waistband, (or gather, but most of my vintage aprons have a deep pleat) and there you have it - a flirty, more feminine finish to the apron.
(If I had taken pics of this process, it'd be easier to understand. I can do a tutorial if anyone is interested.)


Liz said...

so cute! I would love a tutorial!

Michelle said...

SEW cute!!!! love the perfectly tied bow. darrrrling.