Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Fancy for the Kitchen

I recently completed this cute set of knitted dishcloths, complete with matching (purchased) dishtowels.

This project was years in the making because of one tiny problem: I couldn't find any cotton yarn in Fall colors.
For years, I searched high and low, to no avail. After a while, I was willing to step outside the traditional, look for anything that might suggest any color of leaf, in any stage besides fresh green. I'd be happy with shaded browns. I even considered going with a "candy corn" look. Nada. When I finally did find some, all they had was an enormous 1lb cone. I didn't even think twice, though - I bought it.

Then it sat a while. The animosity it had absorbed over the years put me off, I think.

Luckily, the intended recipients birthday rolled around again, I was reminded with time to spare (you'd think I could keep track of these things on my own), and the project came out of hibernation.
I couldn't find or remember what pattern I'd been using, so I had to decipher it by looking at another, but that wasn't too difficult. (Only after I'd given them did I recall why the ball bands were still tucked in with the rest of the project - on the reverse was the pattern.)
At the last minute, I decided these deserved a better presentation than just being folded in neat rectangles and stuffed into a gift bag. I fan-folded them together, tied each set with a bit of curling ribbon, found a larger gift bag, and stacked them gently in seasonal order, Spring on top. Lovely!
On the off-chance that you're thinking this is a great idea, I suggest that you find the right colors of yarn first, then look for dishtowels that will coordinate. I must have swapped out dozens of "Spring" and "Fall" colored dishtowels before being satisfied with how it looked. Christmas and Americana colorways are generally available, as are various pastel combinations for Spring. I would have liked something more generically Summer, like a nice bright yellow/red/blue combo, but it wasn't out there. If you need a good fall yarn, this one is Peaches & Creme in Shaded Browns, finally discovered at WalMart. You're welcome to have some of mine, though, as I've got enough to knit dishcloths for half of Provo.

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