Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Six of one, half dozen of the other...

I enjoyed making up my own little basket of Stuffed Eggies.

I wasn't sure at first how many I wanted, but after some thought, I figured any multiple of three was probably good, so I started in on the fabric collection with that in mind. It took a while, but I finally came up with 6 fabrics I liked as a group.

I then cut 4 pieces from each fabric, so I could have 6 eggs, using 2 different fabrics on each one.

Her eggs look a little pointy at the small end, which I don't love. I suggest sewing together two sets of egg pieces, and then sewing those together as shown here:
to get a more rounded egg. Her directions tell you to sew each piece on as you go, stopping and starting at the dots, but because of size of the smaller end, you end up with a point at the top if you do that. Also, sewing them together my way means you can start just down from the middle of one side, go all the way around the rest of the egg, and stop a couple of inches away from the start, leaving a decent opening for stuffing, without having to do a lot of start-stop-start.

I stuffed these a little more than my usual, just to get the seams to go smooth. They're still squishable, just more firm than usual.

*yes, I made the basket, too. It's just your basic egg basket, made on 6" hoops, #6 round reed for ribs, and 3/16" flat reed for weavers, all oak. I get my supplies from The Country Seat. I first learned basket weaving in college, and have since used many of the patterns in The Basket Book on my own.

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archiegrrl said...

I LOVE that basket! I tend to work with fibers, so hoop baskets are really daunting to me. Maybe someday I'll actually spend some time and money to learn to make "real" baskets. *sigh*