Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Belated Wee Xmas Tree

I'm still processing the Kitchmas Tree (it needs a base - but I'm torn as to what to make it in - it used far too much of the Homespun to get both tree and base from the same skein - maybe because my tree is bigger?) which bothers me a bit because it leaves the second half of the Year of Ami technically unfinished. Finally bothered me enough that I went back and dug out the alternate knit pattern for X, and made up this Wee Tree.
I thought holding two different yarns together would give me a little more variation and texture than it actually did, but it's acceptable.

Pattern is well written, no mistakes. Best not to over-stuff, though, or it won't sit flat.

I think it needs some friends.

Yarns: Impeccable in Grass, ancient Bernat Boucle in pea green

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Julie said...

I am enjoying your blog. Thanks.