Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good People. Bad People. No other difference.

I mentioned My Name Is Khan before, back when it came out. Mentioning it again, because now it's available to watch instantly on Netflix, and also, I've now had a chance to see it for myself.

Amazing. Truly.

It's about being Muslim in America, pre and post 9/11. It's about loving your neighbor. It's about (interfaith) marriage. It's about living with a disability. It's about good people, and bad people, and how to know which is which.
Shah Rukh Khan is fabulous, as is Kajol.
Even though this is a serious film, with great sadness and depth, it also has the humor and style of Bollywood that I love so much.
The entire film is subtitled, though much of it is spoken in English.
Some profanity, and some violence, so it's not for the kids, but it does make for a good thoughtful evening alone, or with your sweetie.

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