Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Retail Therapy

Sometimes, after a long tax season, I need to get out and do something I haven't been able to do much in the last four months: SHOP. I was lucky in finding not just one, but three craft fairs in my area over a couple of weekends, and shop I did. (I like to buy local when I can.)

Numerous cocktail rings were purchased,
ranging in price from $5 to $16

as were gifts for mom, ties for the boys (You know about that, right? At most craft fairs in Utah, there is a booth with a ton of ties, from toddler to adult, in many many colors and patterns, selling for $6.95 or less. I love this booth. In fact, aside from school ties, all my boys ties have come from this source. Awesome.), and of course, pumpkin chocolate chip bread and raspberry cream cheese filled cookies. Yum.

What I'm super excited about and can't stop looking at, however, are these awesome pouches from Vinylicious:
a skull pouch, and incognito pencil case
(complete with colored pencils)

How cool are these? I love them. This company makes all kinds of stuff in vinyl, like bibs, notebook covers, scripture totes, and even a cover for the mini Book of Mormon, complete with book.
I've never been super-excited about their booth before. I have no need for bibs or baby booties, or anything for small fry in general. Cute as it was, I admired, and walked on. But the skull? and the mustache? That's more like it!
Now, I've got bits of vinyl in my stash, and these are not difficult shapes. I could easily have gone home and stitched up some just like these, no problem. I thought about it. And then I walked back to the booth and snatched up the pencil case anyway - I already had the skull pouch tucked into my basket; he was just too adorable to resist, and there was only one.

Sometimes, you just have to go for it.

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