Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm hesitant to commit to Me Made June '11.

Thing is, I've participated in the last two Me-Made's, and I think my Self-Stitched wardrobe may be a little...stale. I did sew up a bunch of stuff during March, but that's all been shown off already. Add to that my almost total lack of self-stitched pants, and the thought of wearing pantyhose and heels for almost the whole month of June because heavenknowsIhaveplentyofskirts, and, well, I just don't wanna.

(I know, I know...the wearing of hose and heels is not at all mandatory for skirts/dresses. Except, for me, it is. I'm old-school when it comes to my legs - I'm not fully dressed until those sheer-energy pantyhose are in place.)

I have a lot of clothes. I know it. I wear more office clothing than anything in a given month, but I tend to sew more creative and casual stuff. I'm okay with that. It's not that I'm against making my own dress pants and nice work blouses. Not at all. But I do already have a bulging closet full of these things, most of which are no where near the "charity shop" stage, so I'm not exactly motivated to sew up replacements, just to prove that I can. (I get it, I really do - the rampant consumerism, the trendy, low quality goods - it's better to stay away from all that. I usually do. But I also have a good eye for a quality bargain, and I'm willing to pay for it.)

That's basically where I get stuck: I've already got more than enough in my closet that gets worn on a regular basis.*

On the other hand, my desire to have a no-repeat MMMar'11 did get a fair few things out of the UFO collection and into the closet, which is always a good thing. (Even if a certain item ends up in the donation box afterwards, at least it's not in the sewing room, right? Right.)

The upshot of all this is that I reviewed my list of self-stitched clothing (which I'm so glad I worked up, thanks to SSS), and the contents of my closet, and then dug around in my UFO's and Planned Projects, and came up with a dozen or so items I'd like to see become a reality, whether I need them or not.

So at this point, I'm left asking myself if it's even remotely possible to complete these projects before June, or at least, before the end of June, so I can justify doing another month of Me-Made? Or should I just sit this one out?

I'm willing to up the ante this time - commit to a minimum of two me-made items per day - which would generally mean I'm head-to-toe in the product of my own hands. I just don't want to end up hating the work-horse pieces that already earned their place in my everyday wardrobe, in favor of that oh-so-exciting something-new that just sucked up a week of my already-limited sewing time (but look! it's new!).

*This hasn't stopped me from buying fabric and patterns. The logic of this hasn't extended quite that far yet. I have noticed a tendency to purchase more patterns than fabrics lately, which I think could possibly mean I've finally acknowledged the enormous extent of my fabric stash. Maybe. Or maybe I just haven't seen much that inspires me in the way of fabrics.

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