Monday, June 27, 2011

Clothes of Desperation

MMJ day 25, threw on one of my summer dresses, but realized it would be a bit of a trick to wear this out IKEA shopping without exposing parts of myself, should I forget I'm a lady and bend straight over instead of gracefully bending my knees, so I threw on some shop-bought jeans as well.
Not my personal favorite look. But the dress is super-comfy. Made from the same pattern as my basic black dress, S7586. I could make this dress a hundred times over - it's just that kind of dress.

Day 26, and I feel like Barbie came to visit and left me some of her clothes.
This is a skirt (M3296) I nearly got rid of once, because it's not particularly flattering on me, I don't have the right slip for it, and it goes all the way up to mid-thigh when I sit down. And then I kept it because I realized the wrinkles don't show. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me.

Made the earrings worn for both days, but I didn't take close-ups. You'll just have to take my word for it.

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