Tuesday, June 21, 2011

getting desperate

I'm really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel here, trying to find new (or new-to-you) stuff to wear every day. I actually tried to pair up a seldom-worn pair of pants with one of my summer dresses a couple of days ago, just to get in two items for that day. Those pants turned out to be a little bit too narrow in the knees to be practical. I ditched the whole outfit and started over. Should probably ditch the pants, too, since I can't wear them.
But then I think, "I like my white eyelet pants! I can't just toss them!" To which I reply, "You don't wear them anyway - they're too see-through to be worn with anything shorter than tunic length."
And then I put them back in the closet.

And so it goes.

MMJ day 20, wearing yet another skirt.
This is one of those pieces I just can't love. The fabric is soft (so very soft!), it fits well, and I think it looks okay, but I just can't seem to get excited about wearing it.
For one, I have to iron it, and then press the pleats back in, every time. No thanks. For another, the stitching on the invisible hem shows anywhere the print isn't dark, because I wasn't going to change threads just to match the colors, just for a hem. And as if that weren't enough, the red in the skirt isn't the same red as my red twin-set, so I'm a bit limited as to what to wear with it (another reason I need more red).
I have oodles of this fabric "left over", too. It was just so soft, and seemed like such a basic color combo, I bought way more than I needed for a skirt.
Pattern is S4703. The rest of the outfit is shop-bought, except for the necklace slide, which is another of my scrabble tiles.

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