Monday, June 20, 2011

All My Chickens, Week 21, Patriotic Egg Critter

A few years back, there was a booth at my local craft fairs that sold little seasonal "people" that were wooden eggs, all painted up cute, with little hearts for their base/feet. I haven't seen any for sale for years, but there were so many I meant to get, including this little flag-waving cutie:
I didn't buy this one, but my friend did, and now, I'm going to try my best to copy it, right down to the little newspaper hat!

I'll warn you right now, I'm not at all a painter. Sure, I took some art classes in college, and I've got plenty of craft paints around the house, but, mostly, I stencil stuff (doesn't take much in the way of skill, really) or I paint things that need to be one solid color.

I've looked at this fella (and others like him) for years, telling myself it couldn't be that hard.
We'll see.
After all, it's only paint, right?

*supplies needed: wooden (or paper mache) hen's egg with a flat bottom, 1 3/4" flat wooden heart, paper flag on a toothpick (like the kind you'd put in a cupcake), various acrylic craft paints (flesh color, plus colors of choice for "clothes"), small flat paintbrush, newspaper for hat, small amount raffia for hair, 005 Micron pen in black (for drawing face), hot glue, tacky glue, and a couple hours*

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