Saturday, June 25, 2011

I didn't make this

MMJ day 24, wearing a skirt made for me (thanks mom!), and a pair of me-made earrings.
(shirt is Bass, by way of DI or possibly also from mom)
I told you I'd run short of me-mades that you hadn't seen already. But I did have this skirt waiting patiently to be worn. Mom and I both bought this pattern, M3936, but then she was making hers before I was making mine, and offered to make one for me at the same time, so I let her. I'm nice like that.
Technically, it's a bias skirt, but each of the sections has the straight of the grain running parallel to the ric-rac trim, so possibly not as difficult to sew as it might appear.
Curiously, the pattern states that it has a side zipper closure, but I can tell you that the skirt I'm wearing does not. There is just some elastic along the waistline. So, apparently, a zipper is not necessary to this skirt. Which would make sense, as it is on the bias, and you can get a lot of stretch that direction.
Fabric is a fairly light-weight shirting chambray, with regular size pink ric-rac inserted between sections. And yes, it's the same in the back, except the trim runs in the opposite direction, so it's got a chevron effect at the side seams. Nifty, huh?

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