Friday, June 24, 2011

same old, same old

MMJ day 22, wearing a familiar suit, seen here during SSS.
The best part about this outfit (besides the fact that I love it) is the shoes. I think maybe my lil'sis gave them to me? They are sort of like tennis shoes, but made of linen. The toe has what looks like burlap on it, and the sides of the soles have a braided jute trim. The sole is very stiff, so the shoe always feels like it wants to pull of the heel when I walk, but as long as I wear proper-fitting socks, everything stays where it should.
I feel like they complete the outfit, and I always get compliments on the shoes.
Pattern for this suit was NL6840, but not the current one. There was also a shirt just like the one I'm wearing, but as I already had this RTW version in my drawer, I didn't make one. I should make this pattern again, though. It was so easy, and I do wear it a lot. But, what color?

Day 23, more of the same, previously seen here.
I left this photo wider than usual, so you can see the abundance of roses I'm enjoying. Best gardening decision ever!
I don't think I said much about this suit the last time you saw it, so maybe a little detail is in order? This is actually just two pieces, not three. The "top" is just the front piece, sewn in on the sides and shoulders, under the "vest". Then the same fabric as the top is used for the sleeves, to give it the feel of a vest over a top. Cool, huh? Makes for easy dressing in the morning.
Or it would, if I didn't have to iron this.
I may have widened the pants a bit. I can't recall. They are just a tad short now, but I wear it anyway, and hope that nobody notices. As I said before, I love this suit, so I really don't care what anyone else thinks of it.

Well, I may have run out of "new" stuff, but I have plenty of me-mades left to get me through the rest of the month, even if it's boring. So there's that.

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