Thursday, June 16, 2011

more new-to-you

MMJ day 13, wearing a look (and a slouch) that says "I will be at that 8am Monday morning meeting, but I don't have to like it."
This dress has been in my closet for years, but doesn't get worn terribly often. I sometimes wish I'd made the shorter length, which I know would be easy to fix, but I don't do it, because I ended up with enough fabric left over to make a knee-length straight skirt, which I haven't even cut out, because in my head, I think I'd prefer a longer skirt. So, if I'd only cut the dress shorter to begin with, I could have had a longer skirt, but, since I didn't, it seems a waste to cut the dress shorter now, even though I might wear it more, because I won't get a longer skirt out of it, just more left-overs.
Dumb, right?
Pattern is M2117 c1999, fabric is a linen blend that doesn't need much effort to make it look nice.
In case you're wondering, I cut the pattern just exactly as it is, but my sleeves look much longer than the drawing.
I also made the bracelet, though you can't really see it.

Day 14, Flag Day! (the roses - they get better every day!)
Wearing another skirt from NL6569 (view B), this time in a large-scale navy polka dot print. I could seriously just chuck out all my other skirt patterns and make this one over and over. It's easy to make (front, back, curved yoke/waistband, side zipper, narrow hem - so basic!) and seems to flatter just about any figure. I always get compliments when I wear skirts from this pattern.
Also donned a vintage slip that I've had for a while, but never thought to wear with this skirt, because it's a full slip - as in, it's up there under my shirt as well. It's very nicely made, from a lovely batiste, and the tag inside says "Barbizon". I think the ruffle at the bottom does something nice for this skirt, so I think I'll be wearing this under it again in the future.
Again, not finding other me-made clothing to wear with this (I have plenty of plain blouses already, thanks, no need to make one just yet) here is a close-up of the me-made necklace I wore:
Made from hemp and "crystal" beads, while at Girls Camp a couple years ago.

Day 15, wearing my eye-catching Hot Pink Daisy Dress (so aptly named, don't you think?):
and another me-made necklace:
This dress always makes me feel sunny and happy. Made from S7330 (oop, long time).
Necklace is a tiny glass bottle filled with sand from Clissold's Beach in Laie, HI, (on the Hauula side of Laie Point). My family lived near there when I was 12, and I went to that beach almost every day. Took my twins out there a couple of years ago for a short vacation, and I had to take home a little bit of sand for a memory. I made up a dozen or so of these as gifts for friends. The cork is glued in, and has a small screw eye in the top, which I looped the ribbon through.

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Marcy said...

I want a flag day outfit just like yours--adorable!