Friday, June 17, 2011

it's all downhill from here!

MMJ day 16, wearing an old favorite, first seen here.
I even wore the same (me-made) jewelry, though I did wear different pants.
(Excuse the odd angle and pose. I fumbled the camera that morning, right before we were going to do the usual photo, and the fall broke one of the battery contacts, which of course meant the camera couldn't function. I had a flash of brilliance on the way to work, though, and figured that I just needed a bit of a spring (such as a piece of one from a pen, maybe) to replace the broken bit, and, as it turns out, it worked (I'm lucky like that). While getting the camera back to it's usual settings, I also discovered the self-timer, and how to work it, so I took my own photos at the office. None of my tries were very flattering, but this one shows an earring. It's also one of the few in which I managed to actually smile. Sort of.)

Day 17, wearing a new-to-you top and earrings.
Top is M6453, vB, in a linen blend. I meant it to be a nice basic to wear with work pants/suits, but somehow it just hasn't been that. Might be because it's a trifle small, especially at the hips (which is why it's tucked in), and also, I find the scallop neckline a little busy with a lot of my suit jackets.
Scallop neckline wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. I think I traced the lines right onto the fabric to make it easier to sew, though I don't recall for sure. Scallop is all the way around, which in ready-to-wear you know wouldn't happen. I should try this in something softer, something with more drape to it. Obviously add a smidgen more around the hips (the bust is fine), and a bit more length, too. I think it stops at an unflattering point on my hips.
Here's a close-up of an earring:
(a little out of focus - sorry)
It's one of the first pair I ever made. They're slightly heavy, and the beads are stacked on a pin, not strung on wire, so this isn't flexible at all. But I do like the look, so I wear them whenever an outfit demands them.

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