Monday, June 20, 2011

What to wear for Father's Day

MMJ Day 18, and I've got a new shirt! I've been looking forward to wearing this ever since I cut it out, which was, um, I have no idea how many years ago, but it was well before I moved the sewing room. So, a long time.
 I actually like this one as much as I thought I would!

Pattern is B3386, which is now, of course, out of print. Skirt is also me-made, in a light-weight denim, from M2029 (only recently OOP). The top, in these photos, doesn't really look spectacular. It could maybe use a little taking in on the sides? This may have been cut out when I was a few pounds heavier. Not sure. But the sleeves fit perfectly, so I don't want to mess with that. We'll see how it fits after a wash (though I know I pre-washed, so it shouldn't shrink or anything), and then maybe take it in just a tad. Make it look just a little bit more feminine, if possible. (Wardrobe item the 12th! If I stop sewing clothes now, I still have an average of one per month for 2011, and it's only June. Awesome.)

I now think of this as my Father's Day Polo, because I wore it to a family celebration dubbed "Father's Day Fiesta" which has been going strong for, I think, 8 years now. It's held the day before Father's Day, on Saturday, and, whatever else we do, there is Mexican food and a pinata. I contributed my chili-pepper cookies again this year, and this time, I did them in multiple colors (and sizes), just to add some pizazz.
Aren't they awesome? I think so.
Here's a close-up, so you can see how awesome:
I love making these cookies.

Moving on, to Father's Day itself, day 19, showing off one of my favorite skirts ever, which somehow doesn't get out as much as it should:

Made in a lovely challis, and NL6953. Pattern is out of print, but this is basically just a couple of rectangles, with an elastic & self-drawstring waist. At the bottom is a ruffle, made from sheer ribbon, gathered and sewn on, with the seam allowance pressed toward the skirt and stitched flat. I've made this same pattern in a wildly printed green and yellow silky fabric for my sister, which I may have to borrow just so I can show it off.
Skirt looks wrinkled because we took this picture after church, so I'd been sitting down for a few hours by then. Rayon challis does have a bad habit of wrinkling.
And look, it's raining again. At least the roses like it.
Also sporting me-made earrings, so I'm still managing the minimum of 2 me-made's daily.

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