Friday, July 1, 2011

Come on over!

Hey, all! I just wanted to throw this out there, in case there was anyone that I didn't talk to, or who doesn't already know:

Everybody is welcome to come watch the fireworks from Stadium of Fire on my front lawn, Sat, Jul 2.

We're having a BBQ at 6pm (come if you want to - potluck - there should be plenty to eat - I'm providing burgers, hot dogs, and the fixin's), on the lovely patio:
photo from last year - after the party
and then we'll gather out on the front lawn (whenever they start the show, after dark, or whenever it is) for snow cones and such, while we watch the fireworks.

You may think it's odd for me to throw the invite out into the world, but that's how we roll for this one. Anyone and everyone is always welcome, and there's always someone new at the party. So come on over - we have a GREAT view!

Need the address? email, leave a comment, or call. I'm here.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Next year I want to come!!! Just missed it this time.