Thursday, June 30, 2011

That's All

Well, we've finally reached the end of June, and the end of MMJ. I miss my "regular" clothes.

Day 27, sporting a me-made necklace and a mama-made blouse:

Blouse is same pattern as the blue one seen here. The fabric of this one is all crinkly, and was absolutely THE look at the time. I have worn this blouse to death, as evidenced by the many many torn and worn-out places, most of which are hidden near seams. The elastic at the cuff has completely lost it's bounce, but with so many seams falling to bits on this already, I fear it would just start a round of endless mending if I replaced it. I should really just let this one go, but I love it so. (Thanks, mom! I love you.)

Day 28, and I had no choice but to wear this previously seen brown blouse.
I did take some time to do my hair that morning, which is why I'm turned away. I want you to ignore the blouse and see the hair.
Also wearing me-made earrings and bracelet.
Pants are store-bought, and are the pair I was hoping to replace with the recently finished too-small pair, made in a similar fabric. The shape of these isn't quite right on me, but I loved the fabric. I planned to toss them as soon as I finished my "improved" version. So much for that.
I think I've figured out why I haven't made the "real" version of this blouse yet. The neckline on this is far too wide/low for me. I wear an undershirt with this one, for the sheer factor, but also because the neckline, while it is pulled up with the drawstring, is far too wide and low. My undies would be peaking out if I didn't cover them up, and that's never good. I have one other not-sheer blouse with a neckline this wide, and I find I don't want to wear it, even with the undershirt, because it's always slipping off to one side or the other. Sure, the undershirt maintains modesty for me, but I'd like not to be fighting the neckline, too.
So, I'll have to raise the neckline before I make this in the prettier, more expensive fabric. I don't like altering patterns. Besides, I'm thinking this blouse hits me at the wrong point on my hips.

Day 29, and, um, please don't laugh.
I love this jumpsuit. Truly. I know, it's all lacy and pastel and feminine, and not quite the right thing for work. But it's so pretty! (right?)
I couldn't find the pattern for this, so I can't tell you what it is. I probably have another one cut out and lurking among my many UFO's. Can't recall for sure. If I do, though, I should probably just let it go. The look is so 90's.

And, finally, for day 30, falling back on my trusty me-made white t-shirt (how has it stayed white all these years? I'll never know), and a mom-made jacket:
I don't think I've worn this jacket much at all. It was made to go over an off-white dress, which I wore to a wedding (not mine, of course). After that, I wore it to church a few times, but not very often. I've decided the dress needs to be shortened (I think), and maybe taken in a bit. Today was the first time I'd even considered wearing the jacket with something else. Can't tell you the pattern, because I didn't make it. Might be one of the Khalia Ali patterns, though. It has that sort of feel to it.

The storm yesterday blew away all the fading roses. I was loath to prune the bush, because there isn't enough time for it to re-bloom before my BBQ Saturday, but I guess there's no reason to leave it now.

Bye-bye roses, and bye-bye June.

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