Friday, July 15, 2011




I didn't get the camera out. We got there only an hour before the movie, so we had to split up and take whatever seats we could find (it was either that, or sit right down in the very front), so it would have made for odd pictures anyway.

The effects are so good, I didn't find myself questioning anything, or wondering how they achieved the effect. I just believed everything I saw.

(Dragons are real, right? And trolls?)

Speaking of effects, I have a buddy from my high school years (hey, Rich!) that has worked on most of the HP movies (and lots of others) with a company called Double Negative out in London. This time, I actually found his name in the credits! It was so seriously cool to be able to point at the screen and say "I know that guy!", even if it is one of the many many names that appear way down at the end. It's

Also? If you didn't already love Snape, you will after this one. Even if you're not just seeing these movies for your Alan Rickman fix. Which I'm not. Really.

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