Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3rd Time's the Charm

I've started my heel turns 3 times with this sock.
I'm so annoyed with myself.

The first time, I had only done 16 more rows, instead of "repeat these 2 rows 16 times". Duh.

The second time, I was so pleased when I had finally done all the row repeats, I didn't realize that it should be 34 rows (2 rows, worked 17 times each) instead of 36 (I need 16 more of these rows, and I've worked 2 rows, so together, that's 18, which means 36, right? Faulty math happens after 9pm, I think.) I was picking up the stitches down the side of the heel flap before I realized my mistake.

Now that I've ripped all that out (again), I think that, if I discover any more mistakes, I'm just going to forge ahead and work it out at some point before I start the rest of the foot. So there.

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