Thursday, August 25, 2011

gussets are cool, I'm knitting gussets now

The gussets are taking for-freaken-ever!
I am not doing well with seeing the whole picture of what I'm doing while trying to follow row-by-row directions for the gussets.
Yes, I know how to do a gusset on a sock. It's just that there is also a twisted rib thing going on here and there, and a diminishing segment of twisted rib below the zig-zag part, all while decreasing every other round for the gussets.
Not to mention, her rounds are not really written for the magic loop 2-at-a-time method, so one of the socks is done from the middle of one round to the middle of the next.
It's driving me crazy.
I keep getting lost.

But I really really really want to be wearing these socks while I watch the ever-evolving history/mystery of the Doctor unfold.

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