Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Fairy in the City

We took the bus into Seattle (the bridge we crossed floats!) and then the monorail to the Space Needle

where we waited
and waited
and waited
until we finally got to take the 41 second elevator ride to the top.

We walked around a couple times outside, looking at the scenery, finding my brothers office building and the like.

Back inside to wait for the elevator down
and that was it

The Birthday Fairy had been pretty good to us. We caught the right bus, got to the monorail platform just before a huge line formed, and really didn't have a forever-long wait to go up the Space Needle. We had just enough time to make all the kids some stamped quarters before our return monorail got there, too.

Back at the station, we decided we'd test our luck one more time and try to make it over to Pike's Place Market, just in case they had summer hours later than 6pm (they did for the shops, though the stalls were all closing up), and my brother ordered us a pan of the "World's Best" Mac & Cheese (and a tub of fresh cheese curds) at Beecher's, while my nephew declared: I DON'T WANT TO EAT HERE! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME! and my niece and I found some cheese with pretty purple flowers pressed into the top of it, which I could have sworn I took a picture of but apparently not.

My niece fell asleep before we'd reached the station again.
That girl is heavy as lead when she's sleeping.
And we still had to have her Pretty Pink Party once we got home.

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