Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Ready, or, Am I Pretty Yet?

(back to the Seattle trip - I'm taking this in smallish bites)

After a quick late lunch, we got ready to go into the city proper. Any of you who have littles know that this can be a bit of a production, this getting ready to go anywhere. No exception here.
The two boys were ready pretty quick, but my sweet niece likes to dawdle. And wanted my company while she did/didn't do what needed doing before we could leave.

Me: are you done yet?
P: no....what's that?
Me: (putting on mascara) I'm putting a little pretty on my eyes, so I don't look so tired
P: (nods)
(I finish, and go put away my make-up bag)
Me: are you done yet?
P: not yet....where's your pretty?
Me: I finished, so I put it away.
P: (mumble) need your pretty
Me: (thinking, um, mom & dad are not going to be okay with purple mascara on a 3 yr old, but maybe I can just pretend - she won't know) oh, okay
(I go to fetch the make-up bag - everyone is getting tired of waiting - we have a bus to catch)
Me: okay, I'm done yet?
P: the pretty
Me: (getting out the mascara and pulling out the brush) okay, now open your eyes really wide
P: (shaking head) not me - you. you need more pretty.


If you can believe it, by this time, I was starting to feel a bit less patient with the child. Not that it helped.

Eventually, we were out the door and off to the bus stop. This would be a first for the kids, riding the bus, so this should be...entertaining.

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