Friday, September 9, 2011

It's the Momma

Hey, so, I finally managed to get the rest of this little one finished and put together.
I think the beak is dumb. Too big.
And it totally doesn't stand up on it's own.
I slip stitched the wings together directly after finishing the crochet on each. Same with the beak. The body was sewn up after, and stuffed when it was almost all sewed up. On the legs/feet, after the foot portion, I slip-stitched the rest of the way back up the leg so I wouldn't have any weird yarn ends. I elected to stitch the eyes on using yarn instead of adding a bead or whatever. Three stitches with worsted weight, over the same area.

Yarns: Vanna in White, Mustard, and Scarlet. And a little scrap of Black.

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