Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hip to be Square

M-kay, this little square chick started out grey (not entirely sure where I was going with that anyway), and somewhat larger. Then I ran out of yarn, and, as it was an ancient leftover from the stash, there was no getting more to match. So I switched yarns, switched sizes, and made this cheerful cutie, just for you!
Pattern is great, easy to make up. Only thing is, I wondered why you'd want the top to be the part where you have to sew it together. If I make another, that's going on the bottom.


Except, if I did one in green, and over-stitched it in black, and somehow created a Franken-chicken.
Because then it would make sense. Totally.

Yarns: Red Heart Soft in Tangerine, Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine & Raspberry

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