Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cookies for Halloween

These are Jack-O-Lantern face parts - see the eyes?
I saw this over on Eighteen 25, and just had to make some!

Instead of putting the pieces in a jar, I used a large clear gift bag. Then I punched a hole near the edge in each plate (one for each kid), and tied the plates onto the bag with the curling ribbon.

She gives you links to her favorite cookie recipe, and her Royal Icing recipe with tons of tips on how to make pretty cookies. I used my own favorite cookie recipe, and, since I fail at Royal Icing every time when I try to make it at home, I bought the Wilton Cookie Icing and tinted it using gel food coloring. (Except for black - that one I bought already colored.) If you've never tried icing your cookies this way, you really should. It's much easier than it looks!

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