Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Trio

I made these a couple weeks ago, in preparation for a craft night. I sorta copied the idea from some my friend had, for Frankie and the Mummy, but I made up the Pumpkin.
Super easy, and pretty cheap, too. As in, less than $1 for all three. Seriously.

They are made from a 4" piece of 2x4 each, with just a few other bits and pieces: mini spools, painted silver, for Frankie (or you could use some short screws); 1" strips of cheesecloth for the Mummy; plastic spider, 18" twine, and a strip from a brown paper grocery sack for the stem on the Pumpkin.

All the paint is watered down (except the facial features), so it's super-quick to apply and dries really fast. The backs and edges are all done with a very thin black wash, and the fronts get the color.

Frankie's hair was done by painting across the top edge, with fairly thinned black paint, which was then allowed to run down the front until I thought it was far enough down (stand him up, let it run, then flip him over and leave him until it dries). I touched it up with some random brushstrokes in black paint. The face was done free-hand, with a toothpick. A paint pen would work well, too. Glue the spools (or put the screws in) on either side, near the bottom.

Dot the Mummy eyes on the face, near the top and a little to one side, using a toothpick or paint pen. Wrap the Mummy with strips of cheesecloth, and dab on some craft glue that's been watered down, just in a few places, using a paint brush.

For the Pumpkin, cut a 1" strip off the top of a brown paper sack, roll it up, glue the end down, and glue it to the top with tacky glue. When it's dry, wrap the twine from front to back, and back to the front, tie it in a knot, and tweak the ends. Dip each of the spiders legs in glue, and set him on the front. Lay it down until it's dry.

(I would do up a full tutorial, but work is demanding the bulk of my attention these days.)

If you are in the area, and you would like to make some, we are doing these as part of our Terrific Tuesday (most wards would call that Super Saturday, but ours is on Tuesday), on the 18th. Or just let me know, and we'll arrange something.

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