Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been makin' stuff, but most of it has to get to where it's going before I can show it off.
(shh, don't tell!)

Here's one piece I can show you:
an Ice Cream Sammich!
It's from the book Tasty Crochet, and it's been on my "make" list for ages. I finally busted out the hook, rounded up the yarn and stuffing, and put one together.
I'm thinkin' two things: what brand of ice cream sandwich has these dimensions? and, I should have made it square, so it could be a Fat Boy!

Pretty cute, eh?

Modifications: I never do a ch1 join when crocheting in the round - I just keep going. Also, instead of sewing the second cookie to the ice cream and then adding the edging, I used the edging round to attach the two parts, using just one loop (the outer one) from each part. I then put the edging on the other cookie (which was used as a starting point for the ice cream) as per instructions.
Thinking about it now, I could have done the edging while making one cookie, crochet only in the front loops that round, and then used those back loops to start the ice cream. Less stop/start. Hmmm. Might have to try that wrinkle on the next one. Which I might make more square.

Also considering figuring out my own pattern for one, with some different construction. I'm wondering if the ice cream would look better crocheted side-to-side, for instance. Like the outer edge on the "X". And of course, I should try to knit one. Because not everyone can do both, and we all want more fiber-foods, right?
Seems like all I have to do is start making toys, and my creative juices get flowing, and the next think you know, I'm making up my own stuff again. For instance, has anyone knitted pancakes? I see lots of crochet versions out there, but I can't recall seeing knitted ones. (I'll stop now. Sorry. Got carried away. Must be the lactose.)

Yarns: Vanna in Espresso and White

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Michelle said...

oh my goodness how adorable. Is it me or does it also resemble a Suzy Q? :)