Thursday, May 3, 2012

eggs in ham cups - yum!

I finally got around to actually making these!
They don't take long, and don't actually require much effort at all. But somehow, I just didn't get to them until today. And even today, it was my son encouraging me to make them that really got it done. Well, that, and a desire to eat them. (Recipe found here.)

They are very tasty. With or without cheese.

We used some swiss cheese, which we had only in pre-wrapped slices, so instead of sprinkling on grated, I waited until the eggs were almost done and placed a 1/4 slice on top of each one, and then let them continue to bake until the cheese was melted.

I will say, however, that maybe I should have used two slices of ham. It was fairly thinly sliced stuff, and many of the pieces had holes in them, which, for obvious reasons, is not good for this dish.

You can see on the lower left there how the white leaked out. In fact, most of them leaked a bit. So I'm thinking that if you used 2 pieces of ham, separated and stacked in together, the outer one might catch most of that leakage and save you the trouble of cleaning the tin. Mine is still soaking in the sink, waiting for me to attack it later. I did actually use some crisco to grease the cups, just in case, but it didn't keep the egg from sticking.
Major sad-face.

We loved how it's breakfast, without carbs*, that you can hold in your hand.

My family will be having these again. And soon.

*cheese does have some carbs, depending on what kind, how sharp, etc. But, I'm saying, hand-held breakfast with no toast, tortilla, bun, roll, bagel, or other breakfast-type carb vehicle. A win for diabetics and the gluten intolerant out there.

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