Thursday, May 10, 2012

long time

Recently, I was reviewing my lists of finished objects, (I've been feeling a tad unproductive lately), and started to wonder when it was I last sewed something for myself.

Something to wear.

Turns out, it was last August; the brown butterfly print top that I made right before the road trip to Seattle.
That's a long time.

I know what I thought I'd make after that.
I'd started on it, and had to replace a piece due to a hole I made when the serger took over.
But that's long since been fixed, and still the shirt hangs there, next to the sewing machine, no further along than it was then.

I don't know, exactly, why I'm not spending much time at the sewing machine. Surely, I have unfinished objects by the dozen that I could choose from? All cut out, ready to put together? Maybe, it's just that none of them appeal to me lately?

Whatever the reason, I think it's high time I got myself back in there. There has to be something in there that would tickle my fancy, get me back in production mode. Something.

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