Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas PJ's

Know what? I just figured out how come it's okay for some stores to have their Christmas stuff out on the shelves a couple months early. It's for those of us that have a relative/loved one far from home. I mean, how can we give, say, our missionary son, a piece of home, if those particular Christmas tradition-type items aren't in the stores when it's time to send our packages? So, in a way, I'm grateful you can buy candy canes and chocolate oranges in October.

My boy isn't overseas, but I still had to ship his package out before December had hardly begun. This meant I had to get busy and get his usual Christmas pajamas sewn up.

I had the fabric. I had measurements (taken before he left). I just needed to make the time to get them cut out and sewn. When I finally forced myself to get it all out, I discovered the fabric was just a smidge shorter than what I needed for his tall self. I mulled it over, and finally decided I'd add a strip of plain black flannel to the bottoms of each leg instead of hemming them. It works.

For the top, I dug up some random remnants of black knit, and more of white knit, and figured out which pieces would work. I ended up cutting the sleeves (in white) on the cross-grain, again due to a shortage of fabric length. Lucky for me, both knits I used were 2-way stretch.

I like how the whole thing came together, in the end. I sure hope he's happy with them, too.

(He'd better be! I even gave him pockets this year! I almost never do pockets.)

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