Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hug Your Mug

I wanted something handmade to send off to my brother in Chi-town, but I knew it would be foolish to try anything larger than a scarf. Or, for that matter, anything even as large as a scarf, since most of my knitting/sewing time needs to be designated to creating warm things for my missionary son, currently wintering in Maryland.
I compromised, and decided on something small but useful.

A little knitted hug for a mug.

I used this pattern, but kinda couldn't figure out what was supposed to be happening after you make the buttonhole. I think she forgot to finish the instructions for the rest of that row (61), because it just leaves off. I figured you should work the buttonhole across the center three stitches, and then complete the row with k3, p1, p2tog, k1. That's what I did, anyway (sort of - I just did a simple yo buttonhole - k1, yo, k2tog). After that, I was really confused, because her picture looks like she did seed stitch for the rest, but her instructions have you start the next row with purl, when I would have thought knit, and she does that again a couple rows later. I didn't do what she said, because it seemed wrong. Since it didn't turn out looking quite like hers, I can't say I figured out what it should have been. Maybe her instructions were right.

In any case, I decided later that I quite liked how the beginning end looks, the way it flares, so, if I make another (which I probably will), I fully intend to make the opposite end look the same, instead of decreasing.

Yarn is Filo by Roberts Craft in Denim (discontinued), and it took so very little, of what was a very small skein to begin with, that I think this might be the pattern I look to when I feel the need to do something useful with my leftovers.

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