Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Finished Objects 2014

in reverse order of when I finished them.

a miserable total of 5 items sewn for myself (or maybe 6, if I made myself a pair of pj pants), but add to that one crochet lace top, a few shawls, and a cowl or two, and it doesn't feel quite as bad.

I managed only 9 pairs of socks, from my goal of 12 for the year. unless you count slippers, and then we can call it 11 pair.

Bunny Slippers! (k) (mine!)
Tubby stuffy (k)
squooshy cowl (k)
saturn's rings shawl (k)
Crochet trimmed blanket
22 pr fleece socks (s)
8 pr pajama pants (s)
30 pr mini briefs (c)
eventually wristers (k)
aquaman mitts (k)
electric executive socks (k)
November stamp pillow (x)
bat signal mitts (k)
unraveled scarf (k)
fightin' words mitts (k)
patriotic socks (k)
Lichen cowl (k)
Ginger Cream Sweater (k)
Possessed Printer Mitts (k)
Fox Paw Stole (k)
tiny cupcake (k)
River socks (k)
fall hotpad (s)
random baby sweater (k)
fall apron (s)
2 fall dishtowels (s)
Becktastic Cowl (k)
celestial earrings
4 pr Little Witch earrings
26 velvet acorns (s)
brown/pink/yellow stripe top (s)
2 Zuzu's Petals cowls (k)
seafoam green tunic (s)
tiny mailbox (k)
tiny pirate (k)
tiny owl (k)
tiny frog & lilypad (k)
Knots for Knits mini-shawl (k)
Casual Lace top (c)
8 beaded stitch markers
2 pr earrings
Fallish Mitts (k)
black & mustard knit top (s)
Diglett (c)
Everybody Loves Bacon scarf (c)
2 pieces bacon (c)
Blooming Cowl (k)
Hayfever socks (k)
lobster small (c)
Serious Lace shawlette (k)
Jayne hat (k) for GMGofA
Phila socks (k)
Seconds socks (k)
Honey Stung shawl (k)
Spring Trellis socks (k)
fawn necklace
slouchy hat for Aleks (k)
Blue Spice socks (k)
crochet dumpling
pb&j (c)
knit dumpling
Gingerbread Boy (k)
11 wash cloths (k)
2 snake bracelets (k)
Rustic Slippers (k)
"chocolate" bunny (k)
blue stripe blouse (s)
Wild Blue shawlette (k)
Monkey Boy sleep sack & hat (k)
Brassy Neckerchief (k)
LEPrecon retiree (k)
I Am Not Your Bookmark broom (k)
2 crochet hot pads
I (heart) U cowl (k)
St Paddy's Day scarf (k)
black vest for Twin1 (k)
pale pines shawlette (k)
sugar twist cowl (k)
Audrey's mittens (k)
3 hearts (k)
dress & slippers for squirrel (k)
renfest homespun mitts (k)
camel toes socks (k)
angry little toaster (k)
crochet acetaminophen
knit acetaminophen
owlie sleep sack & hat (k)
clam trio (c)
charcoal knit dress (s)
slouchy hat for Izzi (k)
fiesty scarf (k)
4 little bite-free bed bugs (k)
k=knit, c=crochet, s=sewn, x=cross stitch

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