Thursday, January 2, 2014

A is for....Acetaminophen!

I know, it's an odd one. But as I looked through my ami patterns, and attempted to start on some of them, I came to realize I really didn't want a knitted toy airplane, or to figure out if this pattern for an anemone would actually work out (the notes within the pattern say it may not be accurate, so...?)

And then, there it was, the perfect thing. Something I'd thought of making before, but hadn't, and something I could see me displaying on a shelf somewhere - giant versions of a little pill that is mostly harmless, but can make your day so much better if/when you need it.

the knit version can be found here
the crochet version here
or, for a comically large version in crochet, I give you the Pill-O

Happy yarn-play!

photo of finished objects added after-the-fact


Andrew Jorgensen said...

Tylenol can also ease your existential dread!
Tylenol May Ease Anxiety Over Death

bookette said...

wow. I had no idea. enlightening.