Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 finished objects

In reverse order of when they were finished, except where multiples were made later, as per usual for me.

I managed 11 total major pieces of clothing for myself, so that's much better than last year. Two of those items are knitted. I took a longish vacation, traveling to Singapore and South Korea, and that motivated three of those pieces, and a few more minor pieces knitted while traveling.
I had an idea I might be able to finish one more item, on New Years Eve, but instead I watched a movie with friends, and made it the next day. So at least I've given myself a good start to the new year.

I only managed to knit five pairs of socks (six if you count the little sandal socks, which are only about 3 inches long), of which three were given away. I have a couple more pairs on the needles, but I don't think they'll get done anytime soon. I did have one pair that I nearly finished, but realized they were too tight, and had to frog them. They're up next in my knitting queue, and I plan to go up a size rather than change up the needles. I liked the tightness of the knit.

I made two adult-sized afghans, one baby blanket, and at least 18 toys.

"knitting sheep" cropped pj pants (s)
2 pocket knights (k)
artichoke cowl (k)
tiny mermaid (k)
1 full set of pj's (s)
Believe towel (a)
8 pr pajama pants (s)
15 pr fleece socks (s)
3 tiny pirates (k)
tiny Christmas pudding (k)
tiny snowman (k)
tiny rose (k)
"emergency" yarn ornament
tiny sweater & hanger (k)
3 tiny socks (k)
8 sheep balls (k)
2 flame hats (k)
Fall Afghan (c)
Kitchmas Tree (k)
calla lily earrings
4 candy corns (c)
3 tiny eyeballs (k)
eyeball (k)
Hallowig (k)
"Lars" baby blanket (k)
Blanket Blanket (k)
4 party hat hair clips
Neck Kraken scarf (k)
Mama Bear Cave (k)
Golders Green shawlette (k)
4 crown hair clips
Scrumptious Masala sweater (k)
bikinisocken (k)
Thanksgiving pillowcase (s)
Coffee Pod socks (k)
Before and After scarf (k)
Pretty Little Mitts (k)
Oddity Scarf (k)
hot yellow cropped cardi (s)
orange twist top (s)
Aquaphobia socks (k)
purple & blue top (s)
cosmetic bag (s)
fruit basket towel (a)
moose towel (a)
Grandmothers Favorite dishcloth (k)
Aegaea shawl (k)
magnet board
2 pr monster pj pants (s)
Ridged Furrows dishcloth (k)
2 silk pillow covers (s)
Rocky Point dishcloth (k)
eyelet dishcloth (k)
Lily Pad wash cloth (k)
Favorite Scarf (k) (frogged)
Chicken Strips mini quilt (s)
6 bead-filled dome rings
13 more washcloths (k)
textured washcloth (k)
Sweet Nothing scarflette (k)
Singapore Drift shawl (k)
4 flower rings
brown capri pants (s)
Asian Night PJ's (s)
2 blanket squares (k)
3 packing cubes (s)
the green cowl (k) (frogged)
Campfire Socks (k)
8 scrabble tile pendants
Vestigial Wings (k)
3 tiny gnomes (k)
cactus baby cardi (k)
Antler cardigan (k)
Up With Pendleton shawl (k)
2 knit scrubbies
15 Lucky Penny charms (c)
5 dishtowels (k)
Berries socks (k)
2 dishcloths (k)
Sit a Spell pillow (x)
calico critter sweater (k)
2 owlie sleep sacks & hats (k)
Freedom Typography (x)
River(bed) shawl (k)
unfortunate shawl (k)
man-shawl (k)
5 gripper helpers (c)
Ginger Cream socks (k)

k=knit, c=crochet, s=sewn, x=cross stitch, a=applique

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