Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 FO

Finished Objects 2016
in reverse order, with multiples added to original as per usual.
I managed 11 major pieces of clothing for myself, coming just shy of my goal of 12 for the year.

toast blanket w/butter (c)
3 pr pj pants (s)
4 pr fleece armwarmers (s)
Everyday socks (k)
3 giant pompoms
8 Octopus towels (a)
hot water bottle cover (s)
Smitten pillow (e&s)
bee pillowcase (s)
34 pr fleece socks (s)
Lukas sweater (k)
Fall tablecloth (s)
tiny pumpkin pie (k)
tiny turkey (k)
reindeer sweater (k)
Beach House socks (k)
6 Fall pillowcases (s)
ghost lights
candy corn costume
Bat blouse (s)
White Witch snood (c)
White Witch skirt (s)
December stamp pillow (x)
Out of the Oven towel (e)
tiny superhero (k)
Dutch Treat pin cushion (s)
October stamp pillow (x)
September stamp pillow (x)
2 mini mittens (k)
white knit tunic (s)
orange plaid jacket (s)
August stamp pillow (x)
snowman towel (a)
brown&pink floral retro dress (s)
Ninjabun Garden toy (k)
July stamp pillow (x)
JigJag socks (k)
Golden socks (k)
13 tassle necklaces
Whale Jammies for me (s)
10 mermaid keychains
little car pouch (s)
4 Tiny Mermaids (k)
Little Texas baby sweater (k)
Diapees & Wipees case (s)
12+ assorted soaps
12 applique towels
4 Tiny Pirates (k)
Flamingo Pillow (x&s)
Girls Camp Crafts
Koi Pond needlepoint
So Very Deer hat (k)
Beachy bag (c)
Butter Me Up towel (e)
6 small baskets
June stamp pillow (x)
shark time pouch (c)
sapphire baby sweater (k)
May stamp pillow (x)
Better With Butter towel (e)
curtains for friend (s)
2 angel towels (a)
Halloween pincushion (a+s)
Distilled socks (k)
16 starfish washcloths (c)
April stamp pillow (x)
8 tiny bunnies (k)
Owlie Socks (k)
Squares washcloth (k)
Ninja pillowcase (s)
Giant Olive (k)
March stamp pillow (x)
Negative Space mittens (k)
chunky carrot (k)
January stamp pillow (x)
February stamp pillow (x)
Home Sweet Home block
Bully for Chloe (k)
Woodland Marshmallow cowl (k)
15 washcloths (k)
Campside Shawl (k)
picnic ant (k)
t-basket (c)
2 sheep balls (k)
sparkly grey yoga pants (s)

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